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Jane Osmond
Jane's Studio

About Jane

I first became interested in drawing landscapes while at the Academy of Art In Oslo, Norway, where I worked after training at Camberwell in London. When I returned to this country I decided to settle in East Cheshire where the landscape seemed to lend itself to the medium of etching, and greatly inspired me to carry on with a medium I had enjoyed so much as an Art Student. 

Etching, or Intaglio as it is sometimes called, is a very old process that dates back to the Renaissance. The etching is produced on a metal plate that is covered with an acid resistant wax; then the picture is scratched into the wax exposing the plate. The plate is then put into an acid bath where the exposed lines are etched by the acid. There are many processes for producing etched lines on the plate, including soft ground for textures and aquatint for tones.

When the plate has been worked on and finished to the artistís satisfaction, it can be printed to produce the final result, the "Original Print". The plate is then put on a hot plate and very thick ink is rubbed over the entire plate, the excess ink is wiped off the plate, although it will hold over the areas that have been etched for the longest time. When the plate has been wiped dear of excess ink the plate is then placed on the bed of the etching press. Hand made paper that has been soaked and blotted free of the excess water is placed over the plate and then taken through the press at great pressure. This must be repeated for every print produced, therefore the etching is described as ìan original printî.

I now work in my Studio/Gallery in Rainow, where I have my work on show as well as teaching Etching to many enthusiastic students.



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