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Welcome to Jane Osmond's Online Gallery. Here you will find a selection of Jane's work, focussed mainly on landscapes and town subjects from East Cheshire and Peak District. Prints of Macclesfield, Prints of Rainow, Prints of Buxton, Prints of Bollington, Prints of Stockport, Etchings of Lymm Park. Also Slik Screen Prints of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

The site is divided as follows:

  • Home
  • Galleries
  • Etchings of the landscapes of the local area
  • Etchings of town scenes and other local architecture
  • Etchings of Cornish Neolithic Stones etc
  • Etchings of Neolithic Stones
  • Silk Screen Prints of the Peak District
  • About Jane Osmond
  • CV and Exhibitions
  • Links
  • Contact & Sales

If you wish to purchase any of these prints, please see the details on the Galleries pages.

Listed below each artwork is the picture number and number of prints available for each edition. You will need to note the pictures number, and then consult the price list. UK and EU postage and packing is included in the price.

Each print is a signed and numbered original print.

If you live in Cheshire or Derbyshire you can ring to view or order,
(01625) 612478.

I hope you enjoy the gallery, if you have any queries, please contact me by e-mail via the contacts page.

"Calming visions of the local landscapes that capture the Peak District in the summer season" (Buxton Festival Fringe)

Buxton Fringe Festivale
Buxton Festival Fringe Buxton Festival Fringe

Bollington Festival Bollington Festival

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