Selling to Small Businesses

How to Sell Your Art to Local Businesses

How to Sell Your Art to Local Businesses

An artist who is mastering his or her craft often faces the challenges of financial pitfalls and limited visibility. An online presence is beneficial in the long term, but if there is no community to build you brand, your social media outlets will often get overlooked with limited views. One way to become known in the community while also generating new business with new customers is selling your art to local businesses. Here are a few tips to help you launch yourself into the local area.

Hold a Local Exhibition

One way to reach out the local community is by showcasing your art at an exhibition. Reaching out to coffee shops that hold weekly events or other small businesses that could do with some additional clients would allow for a cross-promotional relationship where both you and the local business you partner with benefit from the additional traffic flow. One way to approach this is by using an application like Meetup, where people with shared interests can find others in the local community and reach out.

Utilize your Circle of Friends

One of the best ways to generate business for artists is word of mouth. If anyone on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram accounts has any connections to the local community, reach out and talk to them! You never know anyone else may know in the area that can help you out.

Talk to Local Charities

Charities and volunteer groups are a great way to promote your business and get out in the local community while also helping a good cause. If you are willing to donate some additional time and effort in creating some complimentary works for a local charity to auction off at an event or to give to those in need can go a long way with increasing both your visibility and your credibility. Also, those events are often covered by local press, giving you a chance to cast your net into deeper waters.

Make Every Excursion a Business Opportunity

Look around you. How many places do you see have art hanging on the walls? Dentist’s offices, doctor’s offices, schools and even breakfast shops like Dunkin Donuts and Panera all have art adorning the inside of their establishments. Think about how your brand fits into businesses in your area and bring your art to them, especially during the end of the year or at the beginning of spring, when many offices are redecorating or looking for a way to modernize their offices for the New Year.

Being an artist in such a saturated market can be a challenge, but by reaching out to local businesses you can find a whole new market to transform your career.